There’s no denying the impact membership can make

You will meet someone who’ll become a professional friend (and “friend” friend) for life. You will attend an event that lifts you out of your day-to-day and reminds you why you’ve become a B2B marketer in the first place. You’ll network your way to a new opportunity. You’ll extend your personal brand. You’ll nurture a new client relationship. You’ll rub shoulders and share ideas with some of the most accomplished marketers in the world – and some of the fastest rising stars in the business.

All of these things may not happen when you join ANA Business Marketing NYC, but if you engage actively with the chapter some almost certainly will. ANA Business Marketing NYC is a platform to progress your skills, contacts and career. It’s a community of people who love B2B marketing, love New York, and look to grow at every opportunity.

You’ll find the usual lists on member benefits on pages that follow, but none of those will tell you of the impact this chapter has on its members and our world. We invite you to join us!