About ANA Business Marketing NYC


There’s marketing, and then there’s marketing in New York. The best brands make it here, or don’t make it anywhere. The best agencies. The best media companies. The best martech companies. The best. Period. That’s what the ANA Business Marketing NYC Chapter is all about.

For many years, ANA Business Marketing NYC was the New York Chapter of the Business Marketing Association. Begun in 1922 as the National Industrial Advertising Association and later re-named the Business Marketing Association, the ANA Business Marketing unit of the Association of National Advertisers represents a lifetime of expertise in business-to-business marketing and communications.

Today, ANA Business Marketing NYC is the epicenter of B2B in the New York area, serving the local needs of ANA Business Marketing national members – and more broadly serving the needs of all B2B marketers. Our purpose is to mentor up-and-comers at the helm of what’s next, to provide access to game-changing people and companies that accelerate careers, skills and connections. Over 1,200 members strong, ANA Business Marketing NYC is B2B marketing in New York.