2018 Fall Regional Conference


friday, september 28

8:30 AM – 2:30 PM EDT
Ogilvy Theater
636 11th Avenue
New York, NY

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From #MeToo to #TimesUp to #SeeHer, the momentum behind gender diversity and equality is at an all-time high. We are seeing incredible moments begin to build into a movement, a movement that could ultimately lead to eliminating gender inequality.

On September 28, the 7th Annual ANA Business Marketing NYC Regional Conference will focus on Leadership Journeys: A Conversation with Women Who are Reinventing Marketing and Success. Attendees will hear from women who are bringing change to marketing by doing it their way, not by emulating the (mostly) men who came before them. By being themselves, women are creating new models for success and some of our industry’s most powerful and effective creative work. And both men and women will address how they are leading in a dynamic environment that is without precedent.

While our filters will be marketing in general and B2B marketing in particular, the challenges, issues and opportunities of women’s leadership will be fully explored. Following last year’s highly successful Regional Conference themed "Can Marketing Change the World?", we’ll build on the theme of marketing as a driver of change. A powerful and renowned roster of speakers will explore how women are leading from the front lines to transform marketing ‒ and the world.

At ANA Business Marketing NYC, our passionately held belief is that gender diversity and leadership equality are good for marketing, good for business and a fundamental human necessity. Please join us to hear a chorus of amazing voices describe their journeys to this important moment in time, and the journeys still to come.

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